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Refer a Patient

At Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation, Inc. we understand that where you refer your patient for physical therapy, is a direct reflection on your trust in that practice. Our focus is obtaining the best results for your patients and good communication with you on their progress. Trust us to obtain the results you expect and the highest level of caring your patients deserve.

We Make It Easy To Refer

Simply fax over your prescription with the patient information and we will take care of the rest. You can also fill out and print the referral form below and give it to the patient to bring to therapy.  We make sure it is easy for your office staff to refer patients for therapy.

Physical Therapy Referral Form

Follow-Up And Treatment

After receiving your prescription and patient information, your patient will be contacted to schedule in less than 12 hours. Our patient liaison will work with them to coordinate all needed insurance handling and patient information. We ensure a good line of communication to your office through written reports to keep you updated on your patient’s progress.

For those patients we can’t get in touch with… three attempts will be made to contact the patient for scheduling. If after the third attempt, the patient still does not comply with your script, we will notify you by fax that your patient has not scheduled

Insurance Plans

We gladly accept most insurance plans. Below we have listed the most common insurance plans. If you have questions about whether we accept an insurance plan that is not listed, please call us at 530-751-9340. As a courtesy, we verify insurance benefits prior to your patient’s arrival and provide them with a copy of their verification.

For those patients without  health insurance or those who have maxed out on their benefits, we offer an affordable private pay option. Please contact us today for more information on our fees for service and payment details.

Anthem/Blue Cross 
Covered California
Blue Shield 
TriCare / TriWest
United Health Care 
Workman’s Comp 
Auto Accidents
Doctor's Liens