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Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation is now under new ownership.
We, at Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation, Inc. are trained and educated on how the body should work in its “normal” state and how to recognize and then provide care for abnormal or dysfunctional states. Through our extensive training, we have learned to recognize abnormal states of the body, abnormal mechanical movement, and overall dysfunction. From this information, we utilize our skills, medical training, and evidence based knowledge to develop a treatment plan specific to each individual patient. We then guide our patient through their rehabilitation process in a safe and efficient manner.

Mission Statement

Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation’s mission is to advance the rehabilitation process for spinal and musculoskeletal limitations through precise evaluations, patient centered care, and evidence based research.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to evaluate each patient case with a personalized approach to achieve the patient’s maximal potential.

Core Values

Integrity - We strive to uphold the highest moral principles when working with Patients, Doctors, and Staff.
Trust - We strive to earn the trust from our Patients, Health Care Providers, and Doctors to ensure that we are doing our part in providing the highest level of care.
Professionalism - We strive to treat everyone with the highest level of professionalism.
Ethical - We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards with each patient case and will do what is ethically right for each patient.

We are accepting new patients and welcome you to come visit our clinic.

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